African Americans Ain’t Africans Radio Presents: EBOLA: Culling the population


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Tonight we will discuss this new “scare”, Ebola. What does it mean for the useless eater population? What does it mean for a people who are confused about their purpose on the planet at this time? And,what does it mean for a people who’s ancestral homelands are being over run by foreigners? Join us as we tackle these and other social issues…

Thursday Oct 2, 2014


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3 Replies to “African Americans Ain’t Africans Radio Presents: EBOLA: Culling the population”

  1. This man, Thomas Eric Duncan, the Ebola patient from Liberia needs his ass whooped. Whoever let this man on a plane from Liberia need their ass whooped. How do you not tell people you had contact with Ebola victims? I would assume anyone from the impacted countries in Africa has had exposure. He knew he had direct contact with a victim who had died from this but he still got on a plane and brought his ass over here and walking around the community exposing other people, throwing up outside at the apartment complex. He went to the ER and still did not tell them he had contact with a Ebola victim? He did tell those idiots at the ER he had been to Liberia and it did not click in their brains that he might have Ebola? That is criminal neglect to let this man go out into the public. Then he and his wife have to be forcibly quarantined because they won’t stop having contact with people? What the hell is wrong with these people, are they that damn stupid or simply don’t care if they spread this virus in our community? There is no excuse for this period. It is the same thing as that man who was sick with this virus and took his ass to Nigeria spreading it. What the hell is wrong with people?

    IF he wanted treatment, then why not tell them “I had contact with someone who died from Ebola”. Does he have some kind of mental impairment? But they sent him home and told him and his wife to not have contact with anyone but they did anyway? Why were they even allowed to go back home? This seems very sinister to me. Lot of things not making a whole lot of sense.

    1. You know why! It was designed this way. Bring this shit over here and spread it amongst the black community. Then we can be blamed for spreading it in Amerikkka. We will once again, as always, be the villain. I wonder how much he’s getting paid for killing his own kind in Amerikkka? He won’t live long enough to enjoy it. They probably promised to cure him too! Not! How stupid can one be?

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