Racism/Terrorism Report Vol. 1 Issue 4

Walter Scott shooting: An act of ‘overt racism,’ says minister

As the funeral for Walter Scott ended Saturday afternoon, Rev. George Hamilton, a minister at W.O.R.D. Ministries, told the overflow crowd that Scott’s shooting “was an act motivated by overt racism.” Hamilton called Michael Slager, the former officer who shot Scott, a disgrace to the North Charleston Police Department. The congregation Hamilton spoke to included two black members of South Carolina’ congressional delegation, Republican U.S. Sen. Tim Scott and U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn, a Democrat. Read more…

Dozens of cases investigated by officers in alleged racism case dropped

The Broward State Attorney’s Office has dropped more than three dozen criminal cases connected to four former Fort Lauderdale Police officers caught up in a racism scandal. Prosecutors have been reviewing the arrests made by former officers Alex Alvarez, James Wells, Jason Holding and Christopher Sousa. Read more…

Anti-Racism Campaign Reveals The Struggles Of Minorities On Brazil’s College Campuses

“Come on, white guy, give me a break!” is the title of a campaign orchestrated by black students from the University of Brasília (UnB, Universidade de Brasília), the first Brazilian state university to implement affirmative action-based quotas. A law introduced countrywide in 2012 reserved 50 percent of spots in the country’s 59 state universities for students of black, mixed and indigenous backgrounds, as well as students from the country’s public education system. While over 50 percent of Brazilians identify as black or mixed-race, Brazilian universities have historically drawn most of their students from the 12 percent of the population who are privately educated, a primarily white, financially privileged group. Read more…

Students march to protest KKK and ‘racism’ in Fla. Prisons

Shouting “DOC, KKK, how many people have you killed today,” a group of about 100 students marched on the Capitol protesting racism in Florida and it’s prison system. The rally began at the Florida State University Westcott building and continued up College Avenue as the sun set on the Capitol. They shouted chants and carried banners that read “Klan out Now,” “Crush the KKK” and ended the march on the Capitol steps, where they burned a Confederate flag. The rally, organized by the Students for a Democratic Society at FSU, was prompted by the distribution of recruitment flyers from the Ku Klux Klan in Tallahassee neighborhoods and reports of racist attacks on prisoners at the Department of Corrections, said Zachary Schultz, an organizer of the rally. Read more…

“Where’s your black friend?” – South African school hockey coach faces racism probe

4-11-2015 3-16-00 PM

The 13-year-old Vryheid High pupil was furious that coach Jannie Fourie, referring to him, had asked a fellow pupil, “Where’s your black friend?” when he missed a practice. The Grade 8 pupil, who has provincial hockey colours, was so incensed he has since refused to play the sport. The mother has claimed Fourie admitted to not knowing the pupils’ names – so he called them “black boy”, “coloured boy” or “Indian boy”. Read more…

YouTube Creators Questioned About Racism

4-11-2015 3-15-00 PM

YouTube is a well-known platform amongst many people worldwide. Many people use the site for a variety of reasons whether to build an audience, broadcast their talents, watch shows, learn something new, or listen to music. Lately YouTube has had some users concerned with the company creators being prejudice. As hate marks are constantly on the site, the platform has not found a way to fully protect its users from verbal abuse. YouTube creators have been questioned about racism due to their lack of promoting non-white individuals and their guidelines of banning hate remarks. Read more…

Visitor decries racism at Pelican Bay in open letter to warden

To: Pelican Bay State Prison Warden Clark E. Ducart, P.O. Box 7000, Crescent City, CA 95531-7000

Re: Racist treatment of prisoner, threats and retaliation at Pelican Bay State Prison during and after visit

To Warden Clark E. Ducart,

My friend James Crawford, D-05996, is currently incarcerated at Pelican Bay State Prison, and I was recently able to visit him, on March 21, 2015, along with my companion. When I visited, Mr. Crawford let me know that the guards were “not happy” with his having “visits from white women” such as myself and my companion. I was surprised to hear this kind of blatantly racist attitude and remarked on it to several people who knew we were visiting. Read more…

Racism has no place on our streets

Two thousand people rallied in Federation Square on April 4 to oppose Reclaim Australia freely spreading racism and fascism on the streets of Melbourne. Anti-racist participants included socialists, anarchists, feminists, refugee rights advocates, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and the politically unaligned. All were united in a common cause to stop the spread of racism in Australia. Counter-rallies to Reclaim Australia also took place in Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Newcastle, organised by people who stand by the belief that the right to free speech is not a right to hate speech, or a right to racially discriminate against minorities. Read more…

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