Mr. Neely Fuller Jr., the Cult of Personality & Anti-Intellectualism in the Black Community

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. the “counter-racist” author of the “THE UNITED INDEPENDENT COMPENSATORY CODE/ SYSTEM / CONCEPTS“, which consists of notes he carried around in a suitcase until someone organized the notes into book form for him, should stop listening to whoever is giving him all this incorrect information especially as it pertains to the US Constitution and American history or history in general. I really don’t know a lot about Mr. Fuller’s background other than it has been said he may be in his 80s, a military veteran, and former security guard.

Mr. Fuller has a radio program on the Talktainment radio network and audio clips from that program are regularly uploaded to YouTube. His stories and sayings are also picked up and distributed on other radio programs and podcasts, some heard on this very network.

Mr. Fuller has a cult like following and many of his followers will perhaps become emotional and angry at my words published here but that is not my concern. We must be able to discuss difficult topics and use intellectual honesty in our analysis in order to solve problems. My concern, and why I am writing this article, is the intellectual development of Black people and that can only come through reading and researching the topics for which you have questions. You can learn something from anyone. Children can teach you a thing or two if you are paying attention but you must confirm in addition to your learning. If that person you are asking questions of is incorrect and you do not confirm whether the information is correct or not, you will be that person helping to spread bad information to the Black community and coming off as an ignorant person who did not research and just talking.

Let us look at some examples from the audio clips from his last program, which were uploaded to YouTube.

The first clip has the following title and description: “How The Amendments (Bill Of Rights) Came About – Neely Fuller Jr. explaining how the constitution of the united states was formed and how it was never intended for Black people.”

People should stop going by what they heard and do some research for themselves. It has been my experience that most Black people are completely unaware that free Black colonists existed during the colonial period in America. They are completely unaware that without the Black men who fought in the Continental Army, the racist George Washington would have been one of the leaders of a failed American Revolution. Did these Black colonist face racism during their time in the colonies, yes they did but they were still counted among citizens and not the victims of slavery.

On the question of the 3/5ths Compromise, which the name was never mentioned but discussed, the enslavers in the South wanted their victims fully counted in the US Census as a person because it gave them more political power even though the victims did not have any representation or power. The states with only a few enslaved persons or none at all did not want victims of slavery counted at all in the US Census because they were not citizens and it gave the Southern states more power through representation than they should have. That is when the people in power settled on the 3/5ths Compromise and agreed that only 3/5ths of the enslaved population would be counted in the US Census, which determines the number of representatives and senators a state would have in Congress. However, someone, perhaps motivated to exploit Black people and their emotional reactions to racism, started a rumor that the US Constitution deemed “black people” only 3/5ths human. It is sad that this fabrication is roundly repeated among Black people in the United States.

In researching the origins of the Bill of Rights, which were the first amendments to the US Constitution, no historical reference or evidence fo the Bill Of Rights being written for the “little people” was found. What was found was those framers of the US Constitution were trying to rush through the document and lay down the framework of the new government and promises were made and kept to add the amendments later, which became known as the Bill of Rights. The amendments were not written for the “little people” to have some protections as Mr. Fuller states, it was written for US citizens.

The second clip has the following title and description: “5th And 14th Amendments – Neely Fuller Jr. explaining what the 5th and 14th amendments are for.”

The 5th Amendment covers the rights of a person who is accused of a crime in the United States. It talks about double jeopardy, which prevents a person from being tried twice for the same crime unless the trial ends in a hung jury meaning they could not make a determination of guilt or innocence. It also states no person can be made to give testimony or evidence against him or herself which is why some defendants choose to not testify at all. Most importantly, it states that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation. Whether or not the rights of accused people are protected in the United States is debatable because federal asset forfeiture programs seemingly violate the 5th Amendment but billions of dollars in currency and property are taken from people who have not been charged with crimes but merely suspected of crime every year.

The 14th Amendment, known as one of the Reconstruction Amendments was passed to make former victims of slavery US citizens, not to make Black people citizens. If Mr. Fuller was aware of the free Black citizens, a lot of whom were part of the underground railroad helping victims of slavery escape, he would not say the 14th Amendment was to make “black people” part of it. The 14th Amendment is also seemingly violated with Confederate monuments being maintained on the public property. These are monuments to the traitors that took up arms against the United States to maintain slavery even though it was never President Lincoln’s intention to free a single victim of slavery, only to prevent its expansion to new territories on land being stolen from Native Americans. US citizens are forced to maintain monuments to traitors through their taxes.

One of the things I have noticed over the years is that Mr. fuller uses the phrases, “I heard” or “someone told me” or “unless I was misinformed” a lot as he attempts to answer questions from listeners. I cannot recall hearing him using the phrase, “I read” very much and giving an opinion on what he researched. Another phrase I do not hear him use often is “I don’t know” which is the best answer to give when you know you have not done the research to give an educated and informed opinion.

This is not an attack on Mr. Fuller as I am sure his ardent followers will try to mischaracterize but it is an attack on intellectual laziness and ignorance in the Black community. How can you analyze a system with incorrect information? I am sure some of his followers will say as they are fond of quoting Mr. Fuller in an antagonistic dismissive way, “If you do not understand white supremacy (racism)—what it is and how it works—everything else you know will only confuse you.” To that, I say if you do not have a plan to solve a problem, whether it is racism or something else, it is because you do not understand the problem. Every problem has a solution and Mr. Fuller is honest in stating that he does not have a plan to end “white supremacy” and that he is still learning which is why I don’t get the quote which leads you to assume he fully understands the problem of “white supremacy”.

Mr. Fuller does share some good information from time to time even if it comes from somewhere else like the concept of “thought, speech, and actions” which is rooted in Hindu philosophy. Mr. Fuller’s “10 Stops” that black people should stop doing to one another are also helpful and can be found in the 10 Commandments of the Bible and other teachings on spirituality and morality. Mr. Fuller teaches his followers, that many ignore, is that not all people classified as white are racists or white supremacists and that “your skin color means nothing if you don’t believe in practicing justice, in not mistreating people”.

Reading and researching should be an individual’s primary activity if they are looking to improve their mind intellectually and expand their knowledge, especially if they are going to be answering questions for people apparently too lazy to research for themselves. In the age of the Internet also known as the information highway, there is simply no excuse for not accessing all the information available online so that one can give an informed opinion instead of just telling anecdotal stories that may or may not be based on accurate information.

The author Scotty T. Reid has been writing and podcasting about social/political issues since 2007 and is the producer of several successful digital radio programs and the founder of the non-profit new media education organization Black Talk Media Project and the Black Talk Radio Network. He is part of the New Abolitionists Movement to abolish slavery in the United States as permitted by the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution. He is a United States Army veteran, serving a tour in the Gulf War and one of the many descendants of American Revolutionary Samuel Rankin that still reside in Gaston County, North Carolina. He is also a descendant of Afro-Americans of North Carolina and the Cherokee tribes of Western North Carolina. He considers the Autobiography of Malcolm X to be the greatest influence on his life.

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  1. The constitution you refer to was the second one written and what about the blacks who fought for the British yet were terrorized after the war for siding with the British who promised them freedom from slavery. What is not written in your history books was that the War of Independence ( not technically a revolution since the landed gentry wrote it in secret ) was won with a bribe between Admiral Rodney who was supposed to aide Cornwallis at Yorktown. There are too many facts to support the reality that the second constitution was not for the people including bribes and threats made at the convention. These slave owners, creditors and merchants wanted to protect their wealth from the populace that was rebelling at the time. Too much to go into on this but the Founding Criminals are a myth of epic proportions.

    • Thank you for your input Mr. Haney but sir, none of that has to do with the context of this post. This post is speaking on the current Constitution and specific amendments. It is not dealing with Black people who fought on the side of the British, it is dealing with the fact that there were Black colonists who were not enslaved. Good to hear that you read and research. Have a good day. Hey if you don’t mind, please share some books or links to the information you alluded to in your comment. Thanks again.

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