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New Abolitionists Radio is an award-winning weekly radio broadcast and podcast series started in 2012 to bring awareness to legalized slavery and human trafficking in the United States which is inadequately referred to as “mass incarceration”.

The 13th Amendment of the US Consitution did end slavery when it carves out the exception clause that led directly to Jim Crow laws across the country, primarily in the South to target the  large African-American populations the vast majority who were formerly enslaved and put them into what became known as the convict leasing system which is still in practice in less barbaric ways than in the 1800s. Because of the 13th Amendment, all persons of every age, sex, gender, race, religion or national origin can legally become of slaves regardless of guilt or innocence.

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  1. I recall great Dr. John Henry Clark calling for a million men to put up 1 dollar. I’d like to a see the Abolitionist movement run a ‘Prestige campaign’ calling for a million men to put up a hundred dollars, to fund lobbying and all other efforts to drag ourselves out of slavery, prison first, that it all might not actually come to “by any means necessary. Peace, solidarity and vigilance to all.

  2. 8/5/2016. Thanks again, for a information pack show. Their is no
    way one can listen to these shows and not be SHOCKED!!!
    Slavery is alive and very profitable on the Prison Plantation.

    Just listen to the program for validation.

    Maine is Ferguson. WOW!!!!!

    Each week these brothers update you about each state in the
    US concerning the Prison/Slave Industrial Complex.

    The statistics will alarm you……

    Tune in weekly.

  3. “Black, or Blackness, tells you how you look without telling you who you are, whereas Africa, or Africana, relates you to land, history, and culture “ Dr. John Henrick. Clarke.

    “Every ethnic group in this country has a reference to some land base, some historical cultural base. African-Americans have hit that level of cultural maturity… To be called African-American has cultural integrity “ Rev. Jesse Jackson

  4. Is the “nynewabolitionist” website an attempt by our enemies to deceive us? We have been easily deceived by then till now. I personally do not trust that website. However, your show is the blueprint for “Our Talk Radio” I will spread the word about your courage, dedication, & love for Justice. Especially your Love for Our helpless people. We pray GD’S Protection & Blessings for u & your families.

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