Station plays African Music

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  1. I tried to listen to your show. The one that featured Cleo Manago. It’s a very sluggish site. Audio freezing up constantly. I had 3x of my co-workers (1x is a network architect) visit and they all also experienced sluggishness. This made it impossible to continue to listen to Clea Manago, who’s audio was so low I couldn’t hear him anyway.

    I would bring hundreds to your site as the “Mazee of Gatekeepers of the Ado” but I have to select sites that my members can use. I will, in an attempt to give “Extreme” benefit of the doubt, revisit your site in the near future to evaluate it’s performance again.

    Email me if you like.

    Just an observation.


    1. We are sorry you experienced those problems but I assure you, it must be on your end because we have never gotten any other complaints about people accessing the website or listening to podcasts. Hope you are able to track down and resolve the issue.

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