BTR News: Baltimore Cop Brutalized An American Citizen Left Bloody, Battered and Bruised

TW: Police Violence This is a video of the @BaltimorePolice reported to be from earlier today. And this is why folks don’t have any faith in the police. @MayorPugh50, what’s Continue Reading →

BTR News: Is Eric Benét Right About Rappers Being Agents Of White Supremacy?

Singer Eric Benét started a conversation on the harmful lyrics in rap music and charges rappers with promoting misogyny, glorifying materialism, drug abuse and black on black violence. In an Continue Reading →

USA: Immigration “Crisis” Created By White Supremacist Policy To Facilitate “Racial Dislocation” & Prison Slavery

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr describes the use of eminent domain to take the homes of the victims of racism/white supremacy by white people in charge who are the cause of 99% Continue Reading →

BTR News: Black People Supporting Trump’s Racist Immigration Policy

BTR News – Its unfortunate that we have a small minority of Black people, some who should know better but apparently don’t, engaging in the demonization of entire groups of Continue Reading →

BTR News: Is Yvette Carnell Right In Assuming Pan-Africanism Is Dead And If It Is, Who Killed It?

Youtuber Yvette Carnell has created a backlash of criticism for her declaration that Pan-Africanism is dead and using comments by individual continental celebrity Africans who are not Pan-Africanists to make Continue Reading →

US GOV & States Should Separate More Children From Their Parents

BTR News – As the family separation policy of the US government concerning refugee children is being debated, should we also be debating whether certain types of children should be Continue Reading →

Is The Pentagon Working On A Program To Develop and Deploy Terminator style “Killer Robots”?

“The US Military revealed its plan to have weaponized robot vehicles fighting its wars around the globe. The Pentagon will spend nearly one billion dollars on robots designed to complement Continue Reading →

BTR News: Roseanne Barr Defends Her Racism With Mischaracterization of Planet Of The Apes

BTR News – Roseanne Barr apparently isn’t sorry for her racist comparison of Valerie Jarret to apes. In a Tweet that mischaracterizes the plot of the book and film series Continue Reading →

BTR News: American Pundits Are In No Position To Throw Stones At North Korea

BTR News – After Donald Trump met with Kim Jung Un, the leader of North Korea, in Singapore to jump-start a peace process between the two nuclear-armed nations, reactions to Continue Reading →

Explicit: Violent Animals, Mesa Cops Viciously Beat Unarmed Man; Supervisor Says, “It’s Not Who We Are”; BS!!

Cops in Mesa, Arizona violently attacked an unarmed man who was repeatedly punched and kicked by up to six officers and more looking on. The man is called a dehumanizing name Continue Reading →