BIB Radio: The Myth of the Married Entrepreneur & Work-Life Balance

Myth: Spouse = Help (financially, emotionally, mentally) Reality: Spouse = Often means less support from family & friends because “Y’all Good!”

BIB Radio: Black Billionaires

Do you know anything about Black billionaires coming right out of slavery and it’s horrific conditions? How is it that our people who had so little were able to progress Continue Reading →

BIB Radio: Foreign Exchange Programs and Becoming A Notary

Join us for an episode of Blacks In Business where we will talk about the opportunity and becoming a foreign exchange parent through a community college or other organizations. In Continue Reading →

BIB Radio: The Entrepreneurship Journey -This Is Us

  Tonight we’ll be talking about Focsi-Why we are shutting it down May 31st & What we’ve learned & What others can learn from our 11-year journey…Also walking away from Continue Reading →

BIB Radio: Using Your Certification In Entrepreneurship

Brother Robert 11X and Sisi will speak with Debbie Foley of Professional’s Choice. In this hour Ms. Foley will inform us on how becoming a CPR instructor can be a Continue Reading →

BIB Radio: Black Entrepreneurialism w/ Nataki Kambon, Grassroots Black Economic Empowerment Organizer

This week we will interview business growth strategist, activist, speaker Nataki Kambon. Her company Nu Business Solutions, was initially conceived to help grow Black-owned (Nubian) businesses. Ironically, though most of Continue Reading →

BIB Radio: Education & Manifestation

Join guest hosts Erika Parker-Smith & Aunyx Burrell for a discussion on manifesting your business goals. BIB Radio is a digital radio program and podcast to inform and educate BLACK ENTREPRENEURS. Continue Reading →

BIB Radio: “Weird Business”

Join BIB Radio 4/5/2018 at 8 pm est for an informative show concerning “weird business”. We will discuss some non-standard businesses that you may not have thought about but will Continue Reading →

BIB Radio: Alex Merritt, “The Love Engineer” is the creator and host of Dessert & Discussion

We have the pleasure tonight in speaking with Alex Merritt, affectionately known as “The Love Engineer” is the creator and host of Dessert & Discussion. Dessert and Discussion is an Continue Reading →

BIB Radio: Making Money With Ride Share and Street Team Studios

Tonight we will discuss making money with rideshare opportunities and also Air B n B. Related: Did you know there were Black comic book creators? In our second hour, Continue Reading →

BIB Radio: The Ugly Truth About Small Business w/ Ruth King

Our guest tonight is profitability master Ruth King is founder and CEO of Profitability Revolution, LLC. She is also President of Business Ventures Corporation. Ruth has a passion for helping Continue Reading →