DNAnalyzation: Picture Nine_The Great Ball

In Picture Nine we discuss Political Appeal, Elite Appeal, Ghetto Appeal, Personal Appeal, Party Appeal, Sex Appeal, Professional Appeal and Political Nervous Breakdown in the African American Community.

DNAnalyzation: Picture Eight_Girlfriends

In Picture Eight we discuss Game Changer, Politics in the Workplace, Flirting with Politics, Political Bonus, Fundraising, Female Support System, On the Market and Stop Playing in the African American Continue Reading →

DNAnalyzation: Picture Seven_On The Run

In Picture Seven we will discuss Break the Mold, Academy Awards, Oscars, Zet Awards, The Source Awards, Stellar, 100% Doubt and Running From Yourself in the African American Community.

DNAnalyzation: Picture Six_Never Good Enough

In Picture Six we will discuss Chasing Behind Pride, All Thought Out, The price of Purpose, What Do You Want From Me, Art of Manipulation, There To Please, No More, Continue Reading →

DNAnalyzation: Picture Five_Give It Up

In Picture Five we discuss Oneness, Zero Completion, New Beginning, Fully Groomed, Who Is The Godfather, Knowing Everything About You, Setting The Stage, Give It Up, Are You Crazy and Continue Reading →

DNAnalyzation: Picture Four_Political Science

In Picture Four we discuss School Me, That’s Cool, The School of Cool, Hip-Hop Politics, A Cool Uncle Tom, Our Motion Picture, and Dream Big in the African American Community.

DNAnalyzation: Picture Three_Out to Lunch

In Picture Three we will discuss The Divine Appointment, The Father’s Approval, A Serious Talk, Aggressive Fans, Passive Fans, the Perfect Picture and more in the African American Community.

DNAnalyzation: Picture Two_Let’s Do Lunch

In Picture Two we will discuss Serious Politicians, Political Superstars, Too Much on our Plate, Father Figures, Daddy’s Maybe, African American Women – The Political Machine, Humility, Fear, Love, and Confidence Continue Reading →

DNAnalyzation: Picture One_First Time Ever

Picture One opens up with two marching bands, one is a mainstream band and the other is an African American band. These two bands can easily represent the two candidates; Continue Reading →

DNAnalyzation: The Ground Rules

We’re going to be discussing one of the most controversial subjects that one can discuss, and that is, “Race Relations,” starting in our families, communities, cities, states, country, and even Continue Reading →