Justice Radio Station:Mistik Mixx -Tips Countering Insidious Education (Mistreatment System)- Socialization Process

Uniting around principles for constructive thoughts, speech, action.  With everything we are taught, Remember that as ‘Africans’ we have a world view- A spiritual & social cosmology, symbolized by Maat-Africa/Black Continue Reading →

Justice Radio Station: What Does Mental Liberation Mean To You? Self Determination, Freedom, Truth, Justice(no one mistreated) or Integrating Into A Burning House (Mistreatment System)? BLACK AUGUST, Month of Divine Justice!

 NOW remembering, being aware, knowing our, your Orientation. Orientation, relative position of something or someone especially ones’ Self. Our surroundings provide clues to help with orientation. Individuals create the Whole. To Continue Reading →

Justice Radio Station: Black August-Month of Divine Justice- Prisoners of WAR, Where are We Politically? How does it Work? Invest some time in “SELF”. All history is a current event! Democratic Republic? of Congo: Congo’s Lost Children

AFRICAN CHILDREN unwillingly taken from their family. Sound familiar?  After 348 years (August 1967) FBI mission-DESTROY, DISCREDIT, PREVENT AFRICAN LIBERATION, FREEDOM, SELF-DETERMINATION.  1619 ‘indentured servants’. Philosophy, psychology of Colonizers changed Continue Reading →

JUSTICE RADIO STATION: Black August (Month of Divine Justice): Prisoners of WAR-No Prisoner Left Behind. Invest Some Time in “SELF”! Identify with Your Natural Nature!

Tell yourself what you do everyday to contribute to continuing refinement of the abusive system, environment, community (transferring to family, individual). Tell yourself what you are doing to Counter the Continue Reading →

Justice Radio Station -Countering Colonized Political Economic Forces Controlling All of Us Now!

Greetings Everyone, HAVE A MAJOR DEFINITE PURPOSE!  Justice Radio Station Social Issues, Topics, using words, definition of words that reveal truth, produce correctness, Countering the Colonized Political Economic Forces Controlling All of Continue Reading →

Justice Radio Station- Identity Consciousness! -Breaking The Cycle Of Deception!

ORIENTATION to Manage This ONE (You)! Identity Consciousness. A bit of Self knowledge will help Counter Deception in this Open Air Prison where the people are Debt Slaves. Breaking the Cycle of Continue Reading →

JUSTICE RADIO STATION “For Change to Occur There Must Be Dissatisfaction. Are You Dissatisfied?” 02/10

 Using Reality (Truth), answering questions to Compensate for what is missing (Truth), NOW. Thanks kindly for Listening,Learning, Sharing.