Aug. 21 Nat’l Prison Strike Launch Noise Demo Outside Brooklyn’s MDC

‘Intercoms’ is a work-in-progress series, aiming to launch live in the near future. These ‘Pre-Intercoms’ installments are pre-recorded interviews around 13th amendment-sanctioned prison slavery, its ramifications & organizing efforts against Continue Reading →

BTR News: Baltimore Cop Brutalized An American Citizen Left Bloody, Battered and Bruised

TW: Police Violence This is a video of the @BaltimorePolice reported to be from earlier today. And this is why folks don’t have any faith in the police. @MayorPugh50, what’s Continue Reading →

BTR News: Gender Identity Accountability & America’s Inhumane Treatment of American Prisoners

Today I spoke with Kim Melancon about the Gender Identity Accountability campaign, the horrible and inhumane conditions in Mississippi prisons, the failure of those prisons to provide rehabilitation programs that Continue Reading →

Mind, Body & Spirit: Is The Opioid Crisis Creating A “Lost Generation?


Spirit Talk with Mind, Body & Spirit Is The Opioid Crisis Creating A “Lost Generation? People addicted to opioids are overdosing, daily, opioid-related crimes are increasing, child abuse cases related Continue Reading →

Pre-Intercoms: Linking Back w/ Bro Kevin, Organizing Inside & Out Pt. 3

‘Intercoms’ is still as yet a work-in-progress, aiming to launch live & in full before this fall. These ‘pre-Intercoms’ installments are pre-recorded interviews around prison slavery and its ramifications today. Continue Reading →

Blackout Radio with The Dunnz: Get Wealthy Or Die Trying

Blackout Radio with The Dunnz, focuses on 9 major areas of People Activity. The (9) major areas of People Activity are Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, War/ Continue Reading →