Ikie Speaks Attorney Ikiesha Al-Shabazz: The 13 Amendment is the reason for the profit of mass incarceration!

The 13th Amendment was abolished UNLESS you are convicted of a crime! Slavery is legal!!!! We need to amend the 13 Amendment!!! Slavery should be completely abolished! Period! #ikiespeaks #iloveu Continue Reading →

Video: Robert F Williams – The Question of Racism and Patriotism To A Tyrannical Government

Republic of New Afrika’s 1st president, former NAACP Monroe NC Chapter President, US Korean War Vet, Political exile and Freedom Fighter, Robert F. Williams is featured in this powerful documentary Continue Reading →

BTR News: Shaming Racists & Protecting Their Children From Psychological Abuse

BTR News – An article appeared in the publication The Nation about the social shaming of racists in American society which has caused quite a few of them to even lose Continue Reading →

The Funky Academic: Why Black Media Matters

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