Thousands Mourn After Assassination of Human Rights Activist & Councilwoman Marielle Franco

BTR News (RIO DE JANEIRO) – Tens of thousands are protesting as they mourn the loss of human rights activist and city council member Marielle Franco, who was shot and Continue Reading →

US Military Coup: US Military To Ignore US Congress On Yemen Military Engagement

The Defense Department has sent Senate Majority Leader McConnell a letter informing him that even if Congress passes legislation limiting US military action in Yemen, the Pentagon will ignore it. Continue Reading →

Deandre Harris, Victim of White Terrorism Found Not Guilty Of Assaulting Seditionist Harold Crews

BTR News (Charlottesville) – Deandre Harris, who was then a 20-year old hip-hop artist, and educator, viciously attacked by first white supremacist terrorists in Virginia and then by suspected racist Continue Reading →

Kenyan Police Accused Of Extrajudicial Killings, Kenyan Activists Demand Justice

BTR News (Kenya) The death toll from election-related violence last year was over 100 according to findings released by  Human Rights Watch. While police brutality and extrajudicial murders by police Continue Reading →

Confederate Monuments Continue To Fall, Baltimore Park Space Rededicated to Harriet Tubman

BTR News (Baltimore) – More than 200 local residents and elected leaders gathered together last Saturday to rededicate a space in a Baltimore park, which had long honored two Confederate generals Continue Reading →

Known Liar From Intelligence Community of Spooks Hired By CNN & Approves of Trump’s CIA Torturers

BTR News – CNN, the news network that seemingly was in direct competition with Fox News during the 2016 election to give now President Donald Trump, more free media coverage than any Continue Reading →

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa Warns Lawless Land Invasions Are Not To Be Tolerated

CGTN Africa – South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has warned against land invasions. It follows a land grab north of Johannesburg, which provoked clashes with police. The ruling African National Continue Reading →

An Unstoppable Russian Hypersonic Nuclear Capable Missile Successfully Test-launched From A MiG-31 jet.

BTR News (Moscow) – In 2002, The United States during the Bush administration withdrew from the landmark 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty on June 13. There was little debate on the issue in Congress Continue Reading →

The Saudi Royal Family & Diplomats Have Been Enslaving People In The USA

BTR News (Saudi Arabia) – Slavery is and has been a cultural practice of Arabians who drove the Arab Slave Trade. It is no surprise that slavery is still practiced Continue Reading →

Buzzfeed Sues DNC To Obtain Real “Evidence” That It Was “Hacked” By Russians

BTR News – A story from last month which was not widely circulated or discussed, revealed that Buzzfeed, a media outlet which published a story citing the dossier compiled on Continue Reading →

Children Advocates Rage Against Senegalese Officials Over Child Slavery & Child Murders

BTR News (Senegal) In Senegal, children’s rights activists have held several demonstrations in the coastal capital city of Dakar over the increasing number of child abductions and killings. The activist’s Continue Reading →