Mollie Tibbetts’ Father Calls Out Conservative Rhetoric Pushed By Those Like Candace Owens & Donald Trump

Mollie Tibbetts’ father broke his silence about the death of his 20-year-old daughter with a message to politicians and political talking heads from tv and social media to stop using Continue Reading →

Diaspora News: JAMAICA’S Government SELLING-OUT & Foreigners BUYING-IN | Teach Dem

Please Consider Supporting my Channel by becoming a Patron if you appreciate the Content: PayPal: Subscribe: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Email: Gov’t selling out Continue Reading →

BTR News: Should Jails Afford Citizens In Pretrial Detention An Absentee Ballot?

Support the production and distribution of independent media, make a donation to the non-profit Black Talk Media Project. If they have not been convicted of a crime, I don’t see Continue Reading →

Omarosa BRIBED By Laura Trump! Releases Tape As Evidence! Attack Of The Reality Show Personalities

Superchat Alternative, Click To Support *** *** Omarosa BRIBED By Laura Trump! Releases Tape As Evidence! Attack Of The Reality Show Personalities If you enjoy the content, please Continue Reading →

Video: Robert F Williams – The Question of Racism and Patriotism To A Tyrannical Government

Republic of New Afrika’s 1st president, former NAACP Monroe NC Chapter President, US Korean War Vet, Political exile and Freedom Fighter, Robert F. Williams is featured in this powerful documentary Continue Reading →

Armed Self Defense & Defense of the Innocent Is A Commandment from Christ for Christians

BTR News – Armed self-defense is not only intelligent as Malcolm X professed but it is biblical as well. People often mistake Dr. King’s tactic of non-violence in protesting racism Continue Reading →

Fact Check: Juneteenth Is Based On A Lie And Therefore A Stupendous Fraud

Juneteenth is a cultural observance in the United States that is officially recognized in 48 states. Critics argue that while meaning no disrespect to the hundreds of thousand or so Continue Reading →

BTR News: Roseanne Barr Defends Her Racism With Mischaracterization of Planet Of The Apes

BTR News – Roseanne Barr apparently isn’t sorry for her racist comparison of Valerie Jarret to apes. In a Tweet that mischaracterizes the plot of the book and film series Continue Reading →