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Dark Matters Radio
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Coming to Black Talk Radio, Dark Matter Radio with your host Ronnie McLean is a talk radio program explores the the origins of the Aboriginal people of the land masses known as the Americas. What civilization or civilizations were here before Columbus arrived? What type of religion did they practice and what type of people did the Europeans meet when their ships landed here? The so called African-American, Black people, Negro, did they come from Africa or where they already here and what does African-American mean?

How does all of this tie in to what is happening to the people of this land today?

Let us explore these question and more and no matter where you are from or how you self indentify by race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, you may look at yourself in a much different way than before. You may even call stop calling yourself Africans-American and start self-identifying as Hopi, Anasazi, or Amerindians. We hope you will tune in to Dark Matter Radio with your host Ronnie McLean on Black Talk Radio.

 Ronnie McLean


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