Putting Down The Clean Glass

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The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that you don’t have to condemn a dirty glass, but you just have to put a clean glass up to it.

“To those who take delight in wasting time going back and forth debating about whos wrong or whos right, I say unto you as Jesus said let your light shine forth before men, If you in fact have the correct understanding? then why don’t you build something?” – Mustafaa Muhammad on “The wisdom of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad”.

This is the concept of “Putting Down The Clean Glass” radio program hosted by Ray Wilkerson of Exodus House and One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors. Join the broadcast Monday through Saturday at 12:00pm est to 1:55pm est on the digital radio station Black Talk Radio.

One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors

One of the Million Conscious Black Voters

We are calling for (minimally) one million Race-conscious Black voters to join forces with us, and as our One Million continue to hear and heed our call-to-arms, the abundance of talent, skills, and expertise to be found among you will readily become evident, and each of you will begin to find or make your place in our ranks, and take on assignments critical to our eventual success.

What is a “Conscious Black Voter?” The One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors Movement refers to Black individuals who are fully aware that our race needs the best-and-brightest we produce to place the interests of our people collectively in “first-position.” In doing so, we put into practice what all other racial and ethnic groups do routinely and automatically.

For more information on how to become one of the million @ http://www.iamoneofthemillion.com