Less Talking, More Doing Please

It is really getting tiring listening to people talk about problems while engaging in no problem solving while those who are putting in the work to solve problems are getting Continue Reading →

Video: Democratic Party ‘responsible for Trump’ – activist

How will progressives make their voices heard in 2020? It may not be through the Democratic Party, after the fallout from the 2016 primary. Nick Brana, founder of Movement for Continue Reading →

Race Treaty: Elombe Brath Way Street: A Pan African Internationalist Remembered

Host Onaje Muid interviews guest, Elder Mwalimu Amani who joined us to recall the life of Elombe Brath. Ancestor Brath was honored when the resolution to support the Conaming at Continue Reading →

BTR News: Jay-Z’s Conscious Progression Over The Last Few Years Is Beautiful

Just a few years ago, veteran entertainer and social/political activist Harry Belafonte offered some constructive criticism to Jay-Z and other artist imploring them to become more involved in the social/political Continue Reading →

Let’s Build w/ Doshon Farad – The MARCH2JUSTICE march from NYC to DC begins

[jwplayer mediaid=”11493″]Download Podcast Tonight I’ll be broadcasting from the “March 2 Justice” which is being organized by the Justice League of New York City. The march- which began this morning Continue Reading →

African Americans Ain’t Africans Radio Presents: Johnnie Aboriginine: The Return

Tonight, we welcome back Johnnie Aboriginine as he tackles the Slavery Issue. He explains how there were more white slaves than they were Indigenous slaves, and how the usage and control Continue Reading →

Oscars: John Legend mentions modern enslavement of Black men in the USA

[jwplayer mediaid=”9936″] By Scotty Reid John Legend and Common; both won an Oscar for the song “Glory” which is on the soundtrack for the movie Selma. What is noteworthy is Continue Reading →

Ferguson and Beyond

Darren Wilson, the person who murdered Michael Brown claims that “when I shot it, it was like a demon, it wouldn’t stop coming”. This type of attitude toward “black” people Continue Reading →

BAF Radio – “Power To The People”: It’s About The People, Not The Leaders

[jwplayer mediaid=”6564″] We are going to discuss “Power To The People: It’s About Movements of the People, Not Leaders or Vanguards.” The Black movement has been mystified and decimated over Continue Reading →

The C.O.W.S. w/ Veronica Conway

Monday, July 21st 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific [jwplayer mediaid=”4796″] The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Veronica Conway. Ms. Conway is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, an author, entrepreneur and daughter Continue Reading →