BTR News: What is behind the death of Black news media?

Roland Martin’s program was canceled because Black people did not think this show was important enough to tune in thus causing him to lose in the rating war with the Continue Reading →

BTR News: Creating National Black News Media & The Move To Abolish Prison Slavery w/ Baba Jahi & Krystal Rountree

Tune in for news, information, and commentary from a Black Abolitionist’s perspective. 1st Hour: Mr. Baba Jahi of Movements Unlimited organization will join us to discuss a black news project Continue Reading →

BTR News: Institutional Racism In Media Production & Distribution

Abolitionist Max Parthas asks whether or not the lack of access to funding and exclusion of Black independent media is a first amendment violation.

Black Talk Radio News – Black media owner’s lawsuit against cable industry giants

[jwplayer mediaid=”10429″] Download Podcast Journalist and independent black media producer Yvette Carnell will drop in on the program to discuss the $20 billion dollar lawsuit filed by the National Association Continue Reading →

Black Talk Radio News – Byron Allen vs. Cable Industry and their proxy racist tools

[jwplayer mediaid=”10199″] Download Podcast Tune in today as the host Scotty Reid goes over some of the day’s news, uncovered news and news covered from a counter-racist angle. Today will Continue Reading →