BTR News: F*ck Jimmy Dore & Free Speech Absolutist

Jimmy Dore of The Jimmy Dore Show continues to engage in the intellectually f*ckery of free speech absolutism. He pretends that he predicted that Facebook would start coming after left-wing Continue Reading →

BTR News: Advocacy For Hate Speech Is Just As Wrong As The Speech You Are Defending

  Tune in today as I continue to speak out against those who enable the messengers of hate while claiming to be against the very things the messengers of hate Continue Reading →

BTR News: The Left’s Asinine Defense of Alex Jones, A Bigoted Right Wing “Entertainer”

Tune in to BTR News at 6 pm EST for some of the day’s news and commentary. Today I will discuss the reactionary behavior of some on the left who Continue Reading →

The C.O.W.S. w/ Ajamu Baraka

Wednesday, January 28th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific [jwplayer mediaid=”9263″] The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Mr. Ajamu Baraka. Mr. Baraka was the Founding Executive Director of the US Human Rights Continue Reading →

Black Talk Radio Live Drive @ 5- Supposed free speech rights with The Daily Caller’s Eric Owens

[jwplayer mediaid=”8960″] Download Podcast In continuing our examination of supposed free speech rights in the United States that have arisen out of the attacks on the French satirical publication Charlie Continue Reading →

The C.O.W.S. Compensatory Call-In 01/17/15

Saturday, January 17th 9:00PM Eastern/ 6:00PM Pacific [jwplayer mediaid=”9136″] The Context of White Supremacy hosts the weekly Compensatory Call-In. We encourage non-white listeners to dial in with their codified concepts, new Continue Reading →

Tim Wise supposes he has a right to yell nigger in the streets, Soledad O’Brien agrees

By Scotty Reid The deadly attack on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has spurned a seemingly global movement to re-affirm the rights of primarily white people to practice racism Continue Reading →

Black Talk Radio Live Drive @ 5 – Charlie Hebdo and the hypocrisy of Free Speech vs Hate Speech

[jwplayer mediaid=”8770″]Download Podcast Join me today on the Live Drive @ 5 as I discuss some the days top news story related to political and social issues. Got something to Continue Reading →