BAF Radio: Revolutionary Community Organizing, the alternative to reformism

[jwplayer mediaid=”7388″] In this period, pacifism and non-profit social justice work is put forward as a replacement for revolutionary community organizing. We are told that this approach to put together Continue Reading →

BAF Radio – “Power To The People”: It’s About The People, Not The Leaders

[jwplayer mediaid=”6564″] We are going to discuss “Power To The People: It’s About Movements of the People, Not Leaders or Vanguards.” The Black movement has been mystified and decimated over Continue Reading →

BA Radio: Live from the Let’s Organize the Hood Memphis conference

January 18, 2014 – 8:00PM EST This weekend The Black Autonomy Federation kicked off its Let’s Organize The ‘Hood Black Youth & Hip-Hop Activist Community Organizing Conference.  Tonight we will Continue Reading →