Real Life Radio: Encounters with Enforcement Officials and how do we make better decisions, Part 2.

Real Life Radio: Encounters with Enforcement Officials and how do we make better decisions, Part 2. 9.00 EST 8/28/2018 Join Ras and Jegna Khepera as we discuss the dynamics of Continue Reading →

Is The Pentagon Working On A Program To Develop and Deploy Terminator style “Killer Robots”?

“The US Military revealed its plan to have weaponized robot vehicles fighting its wars around the globe. The Pentagon will spend nearly one billion dollars on robots designed to complement Continue Reading →

BTR News: Local News Photographer Shot Twice By Trigger Happy Cop

A New Carlisle, Ohio cop claims he can not tell the difference between a tripod mounted rifle, machine gun, ray gun and a camera. Photographer Andy Grimm left the news Continue Reading →

BTR News: GOP Congress Advancing Bill To Strip Americans of Rights

Republicans in both houses of the US Congress introduced a bill they’re calling the Back the Blue Act of 2017. The Senate bill was introduced by John Cornyn (R-Tex.) and Continue Reading →

BTR News: American Citizens Under Siege In Madison County, Mississippi

By Scotty T. Reid – American citizens of Canton, Mississippi are under siege by the Anti-American Madison County Sheriff’s Department according to a lawsuit filed on behalf of victims being Continue Reading →

BTR News – The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren needs a history lesson on slavery and the 13th Amendment

Tune in for two hours or more of news and commentary from a Black perspective. James O’Keefe, the conservative “activist” who uses doctored film and breaking and entering into Senator’s Continue Reading →

Mayor and Police Chief “dissappointed” woman found innocent of attempted murder of Vermont cop

By Scotty Reid, The Mayor and Police Chief of Rutland, Vermont are not happy that a jury decided this past Friday that Jennifer Berube was not guilty of attempting to Continue Reading →

Sovereign Citizens and Militias are not gunning down non-white people in the streets

[jwplayer mediaid=”5455″] Domestic terrorism appears to have become a top focus again at the Justice Department which recently re-established its Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee according to a brief from the Continue Reading →