BTR News: The Failure To Recognize Legalized Slavery & The #PrisonStrike Is Betrayal

Tonight we will have a discussion about the Black outlets and those that target Black people with news and information that have censured news on their platforms concerning the nationwide Continue Reading →

New Abolitionists Radio: Day 2 of National Prison Slavery Strikes

Today is the August 22nd, 2018 live broadcast of New Abolitionists Radio with Max Parthas and Scotty T Reid and we are 2 days into the national prison work strike. • Our lead story today will Continue Reading →

BTR News – Bronx 120 Families Denied Courtroom Access & Terrorized by Court Officers

Tune in for an hour or more of news and commentary from a Black perspective. During the first half-hour, we will speak with Karen Zhou about the Bronx 120. Ms. Continue Reading →