The C.O.W.S. w/ Shenita Ann McLean: Graduate School Racism

Sunday, March 9th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific


The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Shenita Ann McLean. Ms. McLean is a PhD student in Forensic Anthropology. Her research interests include Sociology, Forensic Anthropology and Racism. She is a self-described open-minded academic at heart. Ms. McLean began documenting her experiences with classroom Racism years ago. She noted that being a competent intelligent black female made her the target of Racist abuse. A few of her White classmates made a point of verbalizing that they found her proficiency threatening and intimidating. Her abuse was not solely relegated to White classmates. White professors joined in disregarding her perspectives – even physically assaulting her at one point. We’ll see if Whites have penalized her counter-racist classroom efforts and what strategies she has found that work best for minimizing mistreatment of non-white university students.

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One Reply to “The C.O.W.S. w/ Shenita Ann McLean: Graduate School Racism”

  1. I listened to the show with Ms McLean and I suspect she is a 5th Column Agent for the Europeans homosexual agenda..
    This is what the Powers that be are promoting and this is where they are investing the money right now. There is big money in promoting that lifestyle , especially if one is able to infiltrate and market it to melaninated people…People who are able to enter the gates as an advocate of being anti racist but are really there to promote same sex activity…The only reason why Jason Collins is in the NBA right now is because he is there to promote that agenda to the public and to normalize the behavior. Jason Collins could make millions of DOLLARS , right now just making speeches on the college circuit and he will eventually go into politics.

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