The C.O.W.S. w/ Tracye Lynn McQuirter

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The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Ms. Tracye Lynn McQuirter, MPH. A vegan trailblazer, public health nutrition expert, author, and international lecturer, Tracye McQuirter has been named a national food hero who is changing the way America eats for the better by Vegetarian Times. Ms. McQuirter has a master’s degree in public health nutrition from New York University, where she was awarded a prestigious academic fellowship and was mentored by renowned nutritionist Marion Nestle. She received her undergraduate degree in African American Studies from Amherst, the nation’s top liberal arts college. She was inspired to become a vegetarian there during a lecture given by human rights activist and humorist Dick Gregory. We’ll discuss her top selling book, By Any Greens Necessary. We’ll ask for ways black people can transition to a healthier, nutritious plant-based diet. We’ll ask for easy recipes as well as her response for people who say that eating healthy pounds their wallet too hard.


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