One Reply to “African American Ain’t Africans Radio Presents: The Transatlantic Slave Trade: Reality or Myth?”

  1. Ever heard of this man Charles H.J. Taylor
    HON. C. H. J. TAYLOR, Attorney at Law, and Late United States Minister Resident and Consul-General to Liberia.

    This is what he wrote in 1889:
    Along the coast of Guinea the Arabs engaged extensively in the slave business. The Aboriginees proving too weak for plantation and mine work, the Portugese, who possessed and controlled a large part of the coast of Africa, began the work of selling Africans.

    The other colonizers of the new world soon followed. Hayti was the first place to which Africans were carried. Bishop LasCassas, on account of the fatality of labor to the constitution of the Aboriginal population, obtained the consent of Charles to substitute Negro for Indian labor.

    In 1517, the Portugese brought from the coast of Guinea to St. Domingo, Hayti, a cargo of vanquished Africans, who, from that time, were slaves.

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