The C.O.W.S. w/ Krystl Tyler: The Wheat Money

September 23rd 8pm EDT/ 5:00pm PDT

The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Mrs. Krystl Tyler. Ms. Tyler is a White Woman, and she’s married to a black male. She’s made an effort to write honestly about Racism. We’ll discuss her debut publication, The Wheat Money: 1865 – 2015. Her narrative offers a detailed history of the last 200 years of White Supremacy and the disparate impact on she and her black male partner. Tyler writes: When I met my husband in 2005, I had a master’s degree; a high-paying job; no dependent children; a modern, reliable vehicle; and I had just purchased a home. He, on the other hand, was a homeless crack addict with a long felony record. I knew about the homelessness and that he’d come out of prison about a year before, but I didn’t suspect the crack addiction, and I didn’t fully understand the weight of his rap sheet.


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