The C.O.W.S. w/ Dr. Todd Couch: White, Armed and Dangerous

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The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Dr. Todd C. Couch. Dr. Couch completed his graduated studies at Texas A&M. Two of his grad school committee members have been guests on our program – Dr. Joe Feagin and Dr. Tommy Curry. Dr. Curry raved about Dr. Couch’s dissertation: “Prepared Not Paranoid: An Examination of Race and Genderwithin Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.” Discussions on masculinity, violence and gun rights have received generous attention throughout Pres. Obama’s tenure at the White House. The so called Obama Effect inspired a concurrent eruption in gun sales and random shootings of unarmed civilians. Dr. Couch’s study of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus exposed familiar White pathologies and irrational, Racist fears that motivate Whites to stockpile weapons for an eventual and necessary hunting and slaughter of black people. These aren’t geezers like Cliven Bundy or Charlton Heston. These are armed and dangerous Whites are under 25.


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