The C.O.W.S. w/ Dennis Nordin

Monday, December 29th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

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The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Dr. Dennis Nordin. Dr. Nordin is a White man; he’s a retired faculty member at Mississippi State University. He’s authored a litany of publications concerning Race. Two of those works we’ll be exploring include A Swedish Dilemma: A Liberal European Nation’s Struggle with Racism and Xenophobia and From Edward Brooke to Barack Obama : African American Political Success, 1966-2008. The latter examines the dynamics of black elected officials within a context of White Supremacy – will Whites vote for them, can black office holders direct, honestly address Racism? The former examines Racism in a European country with a relatively miniscule black population. In 2014, Sweden has been in the news for a rise in “right-wing” extremism and overtly Racist speech and behavior. Dr. Nordin also addresses the 8th area of people activity – SEX. He writes about Swedish White Women’s  predatory proclivities for sewering black males. We’ll also get his thoughts on the unrest concerning police terrorism against black people.


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