The C.O.W.S. w/ Susan Patton “The Princeton Mom”

Thursday, January 22nd 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific
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The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Ms. Susan Patton “The Princeton Mom.” Patton is an Executive Coach, human resources consultant, and a columnist for the Wall Street Journal. She also wrote the book, Marry Smart: Advice for Finding THE ONE. Ms. Patton conducted an interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins where she discussed Racism within the context of the Ferguson and Eric Garner unrest. Patton elaborated on why Whites are afraid of black people and how that produces incidents such as Renisha McBride and Tamir Rice. As Dr. Vernellia Randall just explained, being afraid does not give one license to terrorize. We’ll see if she functions as a Racist and how much truth she is willing to reveal. #WhiteWomenAreLethal



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