The C.O.W.S. w/ Manning Kimmel: South Carolina Liar, Racist Suspect

Tuesday, February 17th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific
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listen-000000The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Manning Kimmel. Mr. Kimmel is a Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Our Three Sons Broadcasting in South Carolina. He hosts “Straight Talk,” a 30-minute public affairs and issues program. In 2014, Kimmel was honored with the South Carolina Broadcasters Association “Masters Award.” Earlier this month, Mr. Melvin Poole visited our program to discuss the Friendship 9, George Stinney and White Supremacy in South Carolina. During the discussion, Mr. Poole reflected on his interviews with Kimmel and stated that this White man “is working very hard to show the world that he’s not a Racist.” Mr. Kimmel told a gigantic lie about him – saying that Mr. Poole misspoke. He also lied about the White Terrorist assault on South Pointe High School. Manning Kimmel represents the type of Racist, White Man that keeps South Carolina State without funds, black people subjected to White Terrorism.

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