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The Selma Jubilee is over. And just like the March on Washington, The Million Man March and The Selma to Montgomery March the people who are marching STILL spend the majority of their life’s energy making sure the system they march against works to perfection. How did we get to this point? And, why are new ideas rarely explored? Find out tonight…

Tuesday March 10, 2015


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3 Replies to “African Americans Ain’t Africans Radio Presents: Selma, Fifty years later”

  1. This is my third time listening to this show and I am going to have to throw in the towel. With all due respect, I do not find this show up-lifting, educational or informative. The moderator, Rick, Niecey, and Long Wolf are always disparaging Black Folk. They use profanity and it is so unbecoming and yet
    they allow their callers and guests to do the same. …”Oh no.”

    Yes, “beat up on Black Folk” I said. For example, when I first tuned
    into the show, the moderator, stated that some girl he knew said that
    the Black Man was the devil, because he does not do anything to elevate
    himself. Really? Rick, the brother with THE extremely loud and disturbing voice
    says something like this” If Black People can take themselves into the woods,: they would know they came from there” WHAT???? This is total ridiculous!!!

    I never hear White People put their people down like this.

    Maybe there is an audience for this type or rhetoric, just like there was an
    audience for “Amos and Andy.” This show sort of reminds me of them.

    The question at the end of every show is ” What are we going to do
    about it.” All of the panelists ALWAYS SEEMED to end on a sour note, as if their is NO HOPE for our children’s future.

    The discussion this evening was on Selma, fifty years later. The panel shared their sentiments on the topic. Rick felt that the celebration was unnecessary
    The moderator stated ” we are STILL consuming OTHER people Sh t” Niecy
    felt that “some where over the rainbow their……….” Long Wolf called for more communication, he felt that we need to communicate more and turn off these
    telephonic devices.

    The moderator just keep harping on the health of the Blacks in Selma, how
    they could not walk ten feet, He kept asking “why this”? and “why that”? “Why
    can’t the Elders help educate the young kids as to what they should do.”
    He talked about the voting process and how he felt that was rigged. He
    just kept on going on and on with the negativity.

    I ask of these panelists, was there anything positive about the Selma
    March,? Did it not bring people together who have not seen each other
    in years. Did it not help educate those people who never knew this tragedy
    happen. Did it not call attention to the deprivation of the situation Selma
    faces after 50 years? The whole world was watching and remembering……

    Blacks have to keep reminding the WORLD that EVEN after 50 years of the Selma March, America has continued to terrorize, oppress and kill Black folk.



    1. Lena, You will be OK. The reality of the matter is this: We are dying in droves? But for some reason, we don’t want to talk about it. We keep sweeping the important stuff under the rug. When the old woman said, “we got our asses kicked so you can vote, but you don’t vote”. The people don’t vote because they are astute to know it’s a sham. I think that’s great. I think it’s great that the youth can recognize what’s going on. But people like you, ignore that. People like you ignore the fact,brothas and sistas are eating themselves to death, and don’t really care if they die. Sorry to bust your bubble Ms. Lena, reality is real…

    2. Dear Lena,

      You kill and oppress each other, you eat more pizza than Italians, you watch more TV than the people who gave it to you, you spend your time and energy helping other people build their empires, while the few people in the “black” community have to beg it’s own people just to survive. I know you have been trained to be a victim, I know you have been trained not to think, I know you have been trained to hate yourself. My job is to hold the mirror up to your face, to let you see what we look like in the hope that we can turn it around. I see you are about keeping the status quo. I’m not. Peace to you

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