African Americans Ain’t Africans Radio Presents: 21st Century Miseducation of the Negro…


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Education for African Americans is a joke. But for some reason they believe they’re are getting the best of what Brown vs. The Board of Education has to offer. From college besketball players being pimped like hoes, to high school kids not being able to tell time, isn’t about time that African American realizes that they are being dumbed down on purpose?

Thursday April 2, 2015


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6 Replies to “African Americans Ain’t Africans Radio Presents: 21st Century Miseducation of the Negro…”

  1. My mother, grandmother, grandfather and father did teach me
    one thing. “just respectfully disagree…..and move on.”

    You and I will never see “eye to eye.”

    If I have offended you in any way, I do apologize

    This is the last correspondence you will be receiving
    from me EVER.

    Peace be.


  2. Just one more thing,… I find it utterly applauding that you have all BLACK FACES in your picture of so-called educators. You did not put one white face in the picture. Why? Blacks always blaming black people. Do you feel that white people are not complicit in this behavior of not educating black/brown children?

    That ALL BLACK picture speaks volumes and I don’t even know you. Your failure to make white people apart of your picture/framework tells me why you feel that…..Africans Americans Ain’t Africans.

    Who are you to tell anyone what they are or not?

    You are not the judges on this panel only the Creator……

    The reasons why movements have failed is because we don’t stick together. We are so caught up in what a person wants to regard him or herself as that we loose ALL site of what is really relevant. We get so caught up in the distractions.

    It really does not matter if African Americans Ain’t Africans.

    Let’s stay focus and win this war…..

    1. It’s not white people’s job to educate us. Just like they, asians, arabs, etc, don’t rely on you to educate their kids, why do you rely on them, when you see that the majority of us hate ourselves and are virtually retarted. If I were you I would dig, and ask your grandparents who you are. Teachoing people they are foreign to their own land is something that has made African Americans what they are today.

  3. Really, is this the best that you can write about? What about offering solutions
    to the problems? If a a mom cannot read and write, who is the child going to
    turn to for support? The relationship of education is two tier. School and parent.
    If parents don’t get involved in their children’s education there are going to
    be problems and you cannot blame it on the teacher. Teachers to student ratio’s are sometimes 30:1 or more. A parent relationship to her child is one on one. I am tired of people like you consistently shooting the messenger.You cannot blame the teacher if the parent is not involved.

    if your child cannot read or tell time, and a parent does not know, that is a
    sorry parent. Report Cards are sent home every reporting period. Are those
    parents reading them?

    This program is all about the blame game with very little solutions, I can
    bet that the panel is not going to have any educators offerings any solutions
    or constructive advice.

    I will pass………….

    1. Lena,

      You’re constant victimization is part of the problem. Every species knows what to do when the group is in danger. Please refrain from the “we’s just dumb negroes” It’s old, corny and doesn’t help. With the education you’ve received over the past 100 years. it si apparent that that you are being educated to do, don’t work for you…

    2. I think you are not understanding what I’m saying. African Americans Ain’t Africans shows so called African Americans that they are Indigenous to American, like most of their grandmothers told them. One of the SOLUTIONS that I found helpful, is that people feel that they belong to something and are not just refugees with a history somebody else gave them. Teachers are there to teach the kids how to be consumers, period. People who send there kids to skool, knowing that they themselves were miseducated should have somebody, to teach them better. But I guess playing VICTIM is comfortable…

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