The C.O.W.S. w/ James Walvin: The Zong (UK)

Monday, February 22nd 1:00PM Eastern/ 10:00AM Pacific


The Context of White Supremacy welcomes James Walvin live from the United Kingdom. Mr. Walvin is a Professor of History Emeritus at University of York. He’s authored and edited thirty books, including Black Presence: A Documentary History of the Negro in England and Black and White: The Negro and English Society. We’ll discuss his 2011 publication, The Zong: A Massacre, The Law & The End Of Slavery. Gus learned about this book while reading Edward Baptist’s The Half Has Never Been Told. Walvin’s text examines an 1781 slave ship financed by a Racist Liverpool conglomerate. The slave ship, the Zong, allegedly ran dangerously low on water before reaching its destination in Jamaica. The Whites on board decided the best course of action would be to toss approximately 150 black people overboard to their death. This included children and females. There was nothing unusual or abnormal about this act. Slaughtering black people on the high seas was a predictable, normal occurrence. What established this extermination as infamous was that the White financiers pursued compensation for their murdered negroes. The trial drew widespread attention and galvanized a movement that ended the British slave trade in less than three decades. This obviously did not end White Supremacy or British “colonization” and “imperialism.” We’ll connect this incident with 21st century Racism where White Terrorists in Liverpool continue to assault black people, like football star Mario Balotelli.
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