The C.O.W.S. w/ Sue Africa: MOVE

Monday, August 8th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific


The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Sue Africa. One of the few White members of MOVE, Sue Africa has invested decades of time and energy in the Philadelphia black liberation collective. Sue Africa was a part of the MOVE organization at the time of the 1985 bombing of group’s residence. However, she was in prison at the time of the massacre. Her son Tomaso Africa was one the eleven fatalities. We’re anxious to her thoughts on Ramona Africa’s conclusion that Sue Africa has suffered more or as much as any black member of MOVE. We’ll hear about Mumia Abu-Jamal’s interview of her, what other White people thought of her involvement with the teachings of John Africa. We’re exited to discover what circumstances motivated her to join the melanin dominant “militants” of Philadelphia.


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