Chage Matters Solutions – Who will save the Black community? Trump or Clinton?

Change MattersToday’s show will pick-up from the original platform topics. WE will discuss the election and what we need to do to get out the vote and to make sure as best we can, that all folks in our communities get out and vote.

We will discuss who we feel is the better candidate of the two and the issues that affect us all. Also, what happens when we don’t VOTE.

How the community is viewed when the politicians see that the members of the BLACK Community don’t vote.
We will also discuss education and the impact that this election will have on issues, such as Education, Healthcare, Housing Community Relations, and the Changes that are specific to your community. WE will also discuss in part, The Black Lives Matter Movement and where to go from here. Solutions for all of us! In our upcoming show, we will feature some very inspiring guests, such as,

Councilman John J. Kennedy, Pasadena, District 3, California
Char Bland, Business, Owner, Pasadena, California
A.J. Ali, Writer/Filmmaker, Business Owner, Santa Monica, California
Carla Wilson, Caravan of Love Movement. Los Angeles, California
Pathways to Prosperity, Guest Hosts
Black Lives Matter Movement – Variety

Good Morning and Thank you for This Day.
Your Hosts
Kenny Hendrix, Host
Collette Williams, Host
Renee Cole, Show Contributor

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  1. My son Fred Highbaugh Jr. has a radio talk show at “smooth” and I feel he would be an asset to your network. You can contact him @ smooth or at This is for Scotty

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