Change Matters: Solutions Weekly 9/13

Change Matters
On Today’s show we will discuss the upcoming election and the need for people to really think about who they will and are voting for. Do we really want to bring Gary Johnson in on the vote or should we support Hilary Clinton? WE cannot vote for the real idiot, but we can meet somewhere in-between, and that would be Hilary Clinton. What can we loose. WE will also discuss things that are going on in the Black Community and where we need to go from here and how that relates to the next president and making moves on our own and not waiting for others to tell us what to do and not waiting on permission. The Black Community needs to begin doing for ourselves and stop waiting for someone to come and do it for us. Stop the complaining and make it happen for yourself.

WE will ask the hard questions, what does 2017 look like for the Black Community? Who do you support? What can you do for yourself and the community in which you live? Who is/are the leaders of the Black Community? What is the NAACP doing these days? How are they working for the community? What are the changes and don’t we need some? Guest, Gary Moody, President, NAACP, PASADENA/ALTADENA Branch

And more dialogue!
Thank You

Change Matters- Solutions
Kenny Hendrix – Host
Collette Williams
Renee Cole – Show Contributor

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