Change Matters: Solutions Weekly 9/20

Change MattersOn today’s show we will once again discuss the most recent shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

An unarmed man once again has lost his life because of a mistake and what they thought.

The information is basically just a summary of what actually happened to keep the chaos down. This is horrible again. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? THE community needs to be heard.

We will also discuss things that are going on in politics, and the most important and contentious race that we have seen in years. We are not going to rest until the community is heard.

This show is about SOLUTIONS , SOLUTIONS TO THE KILLING of innocent BLACK MEN.

WE WILL also discuss the bombing in New York and the terrorist was a known terrorist and he was taken alive.

But the police shoot and kill innocent Black Men. We want to hear from the people in the community who feel that this is wrong and know that this is wrong. We will continue to pray and talk about this until it STOPS.


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