Change Matters: Solutions Weekly 9/27

Change Matters

On today’s show we will continue the conversation/discussion on the recent shootings. The shooting in Tulsa OK and Charlotte NC.

WE WILL ALSO DISCUSS THE protests in Charlotte that went on for 5 days.  Now the aftermath of the protest and how we can make changes.  We will also discuss the presidential election and debate that just took place on Monday night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump..

We will have a conversation about solutions and what we can do for ourselves. We must be mindful of the the fact that we are still in a racist society.

The BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT and how to make changes and minimize the possibility of this happening again.

We will have a lively show.  On the show today we will have a guest contributor,  RICHELLE JAMES, FROM THE TOWN CRIER.

Kenny Hendrix is out for today, and will return next week.

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  1. Things are off the chain. Here in San Diego the local stations are covering the latest shooting towards the possibility of a riot and not the facts that the man was unarmed and mentally challenged

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