The C.O.W.S. w/ Ms. Black Expat (Uganda)

Wednesday, November 2nd 1:00PM Eastern/ 10:00AM Pacific


The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Ms. Black Expat live from Uganda. Born and raised in the United States, Ms. Black Expat began pursuing teaching opportunities abroad in 2010. Her inquisitive spirit and courage to travel led her to continue globetrotting as an educator. She’s now in Uganda and maintains a YouTube channel and a blog to document her experiences as a citizen of the world and a black mother. We’ll discuss what motivated her to exit the United States and if she’s kept an eye on the much publicized “racial tension” of the past few years as well as the current presidential election. We’ll also discuss a specific incident where Ms. Black Expat encountered a White Supremacist parent. The international schools in Uganda welcome students and parents from around the world. One of Ms. Black Expat’s students has a White Russian father and a black Ugandan mother. The Racist father routinely promoted his contempt for black people and the continent, and his Racist concepts contaminated his non-white daughter. We’ll inquire about how this situation was resolved. We’ll also discuss if some Ugandans are sacred of Whites.


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  1. Thank you for the feature! It was a pleasure being on your show. I enjoy listening to your guests and the various topics you focus on in relation to White Supremacy because it is a horrible epidemic that we inevitably face daily. Therefore, knowledge is the power that we have direct access to in how to approach these types of incidences and your show does a great job of giving your audience greater access to necessary information in regards to consciously educating our communities and how to move forward productively as African Americans across the Diaspora. Thank you!

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