Change Matters: Solutions – Southern California Women’s Health Conference w/ Lena Kennedy

On today’s show we will have a special guest from Pasadena Calif. Lena Kennedy, who is the Principal Coordinator for The Southern California Women’s Health Conference, Founder and President of Community Women’s Vital Voices. This is the 16th Year for the The Southern California Women’s Health Conference and Lena has seen much success in 16 years.

She has also worked with our POTUS AND THE FLOTUS and serves on many boards and has helped elect a plethora of Community Leaders. Lena has been in the Pasadena Community for decades and she is the sister to John J. Kennedy who was on our show in Early November. She too is a heavy hitter as Kenny Hendrix stated. She is a mover and shaker in the community and is well known in many circles. She as received appointments and is consulted on many city, community, government, and federal projects.

Our discussion today will be on the upcoming Southern California Women’s Health Conference that will take place on Friday December 16th 2016 in Pasadena California, at THE Hilton Hotel in Pasadena. There will be speakers, vendors and more. This is a full day of lots of exciting things for women and this is the second year for the “MAN CAVE”, and we will talk about that and it’s beginning.

Be sure to listen and call in!!!! 866-510-9025

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