Change Matters Solutions – Issues & Topics of Concern in 2017

On this morning’s show, we will bring in the New Year with discussion on topics that impact all of us. Life after the election, a new unqualified president, what things look like for the Black Community and how we can make things happen for ourselves.

WE will continue the discussion on the direction of the Black Community, survival, whether or not we should arm ourselves with hand guns, and how things look to the millennials, and who do we blame this on. We are asking for all of you to call in and be apart of the conversation and the dialogue about CHANGE!

This is a new year and we need new ideas and new energy to make the necessary changes in our communities, families, businesses and beyond.

Remember to listen and join the conversation!

Thank you
Intentional Talk Radio
Kenny Hendrix. – Host
Collette Williams. – Host
Renee Cole. – Show Contributor

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