Change Matters: Solutions w/ Dr. Umar Johnson

Kenny Hendrix and Collette Williams will interview Dr. Umar Johnson. Dr. Johnson is a well-known speaker, abolitionist, conscious community advocate and a certified psychologist. He speaks all over the country as well as internationally.

This interview will be especially thought provoking in large part, due to the fallout from some recent You Tube videos made by Dr. Johnson in response to another conscious community speaker. He has taken some criticism for his response and perhaps even lost some supporters.

Change Matters:Solutions will give Dr. Johnson the opportunity to address the issue on the program and it promises to be something that you will not want to miss.

One Reply to “Change Matters: Solutions w/ Dr. Umar Johnson”

  1. The reason. Collette hss yet to hear about Dr Umar is YES. You wait for people to inform you vs searching internet for keywords…helping young black boys in urban areas…or..grassroots help in black community etc. If it doesn’t say Board od Education or national committee this or that she won’t pay attention. Im in Oklahoma and I know abt Dr. Umar but then again I search out videos or web pages abt conscious community. Here is a hint Colette. Opposite of mainstream and BOURGEOISIE or BOOshee. By the way, quit talking over your guests and a little less condescension.

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