BIB Radio: Rising From the Governmental Pitfalls

During the first hour we will discuss the pitfalls of “big government”. Many of our people can attest to their lives being destroyed by “big government” and the powers that be. Brother Rahim is a resident of Illinois and a proud business owner. Listen as he shares with us how he has overcome prison, drug addiction and other pitfalls by becoming a college graduate, beauty supply owner, mentor, and public speaker.

Second hour: We have been fooled into fearing fake laws enforced by the IRS. What if I told you that there is no law that says you must pay taxes? We will speak with Sherry Peel-Jackson, a former IRS enrolled agent, speaker, business consultant, and author. In her books “How To Stick It To the IRS :Confessions From an Insider and How To Escape the Rat Race :Four Keys To Acquire the Life Of Your Dreams”. The information Ms. Peel- Jackson will reveal will make you second guess every tax return that you have filed, question what you thought you knew, and as an informed citizen stand up for your rights. Learn how she was able to create a business after she was sentenced to four years in prison for telling the truth about the IRS.

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David Wren of Thando Radio will join us for this episode, so you don’t want to miss this great dialogue of valuable information.

Join us at 5 PM PST/7 PM CST/8 PM EST.

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