News and Opinion: The Brutal Truth, Podcast 8. Syria, White People, Ulterior Motives, Refinement

On this episode I talk about how untrustworthy White people are, the politicians specifically.  I explore this topic through the examination of the current crisis in Syria right now, and introduce the concept of not trusting White people, ever–”Don’t Trust Whites” (DTW).

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4 Replies to “News and Opinion: The Brutal Truth, Podcast 8. Syria, White People, Ulterior Motives, Refinement”

  1. Scotty you are the definition of an ignorant negro and I am offended by you referring to me as a cracker. I am going to make sure your hateful radio crap is taken down.

    1. First of all, this is not Scotty on this podcast and secondly, your idle threats don’t frighten me. This is an independent media platform so if you want censorship, good luck. And if you don’t like the word “cracker”, then go complain to those who put it in a dictionary. What does cracker mean to you because some people use the word to refer to white slavers who cracked the whip on the backs of Africans. Take your pc crap to someone who cares. Cracker is just another word to describe racist white people. In the south, we say it is the hit dog that hollers when you through a rock at a pack of dogs.

      1. Right on. You are not improving race relations. But i must give you credit because improving race relations is not your goal. But listen Im just a white old man who lost his dad to war at 15yrs old. I was to busy trying to survive to hate anybody, so to hear you say the things you do is so telling of your ignorance of people like me. Man you have no idea how much respect i have for people like myself black or not. I would love to stand with you and fight for you. But how can I when you say such ignorant things blanketing whites.

      2. To me cracker is equal to nigger…I have never cracked a whip on anyone, I dont disrespect anyone unless they disrespect me first. You are wasting your talent, education and life if you cant see a way to educate everyone for the benefit of everyone. If you live a long enough life I belive you will someday see I am the truth, my way is the only way. We will exist together either helping or hurting each other. If you truly care I promise that eventually you will see the way.

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