BIB Radio: Jimmy Davies of EveryBlackEvent & Marchelle Tigner “Tig” of Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction

Join us May 18th 2017 when Robert 11X and SiSi Harry have a conversation with Mr. Jimmy Davies of EveryBlackEvent to find out the latest developments in his company. He will also discuss the upcoming Fuller Dudley Gala be held May 20th-22nd 2017 in North Carolina.

Next, we will have Marchelle Tigner “Tig” of Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction. Women, are your fears about guns? Are you willing to overcome them to protect your family?

Join us for this conversation to find out how this ex-military veteran has turned her passion for teaching Blacks the art of firearms into a business.
Join us every Thursday 5 PM PST/7 PM CST/8PM EST.
(This week we have a pre-recorded show)

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