The C.O.W.S. w/ Esther Stanford-Xosei: Grenfell Tower Fire

Monday, June 19th 3:00PM Eastern/ 12:00PM Pacific

The Context of White Supremacy welcomes the return of Esther Stanford-Xosei live from the United Kingdom. An internationally acclaimed Reparationist, Jurisconsult, dynamic community advocate and radio broadcaster, Mrs. Stanford-Xosei has staunchly advocated for reparations for black people. Most recently, she was a panelist on the BBC’s The Big Questions, where they debated if white people can be victims of racism. Mrs. Stanford-Xosei did a brilliant job detailing why whites are not victims. We’re eager to get her views on the catastrophic Grenfell Tower fire in London, England. As of Sunday, June 18th, the police report that 58 people are presumed to have died. However, it’s already been reported that establishing an accurate tally of the victims could be challenging. We’ll get her views on Racism is being omitted from the coverage of this disaster. We’ll also get Mrs. Stanford-Xosei’s thoughts on Prime Minister Theresa May’s horrendous showing in the election.
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