BIB Radio: How To Become A Millionaire If Black Guy Can Do It, So Can You

BIB Radio is a digital radio program and podcast to inform and educate BLACK ENTREPRENEURS. Join Bro. Robert and SiSi every Thursday night in conversation with Black business builders.

According to statistics, a black guy has the lowest probability in the world of becoming a millionaire. So if I did it, so can you!

This is unlike any other personal finance book you may have read. Conventional thinking plus conventional actions equal conventional results. I want so much more for you. My hope is that, after reading this book and applying the information contained within, you will be inspired to begin or accelerate your own millionaire journey.

I’ll share some unknown gems, including the following highlights:

Who you are and what you know isn’t as important as WHAT YOU CAN DO.

You need to develop PORTABLE SKILLS.

The market doesn’t care what you BELIEVE.

Don’t underestimate the importance of becoming a PRODUCER.

It’s time to rethink the RIGHT vs WRONG value system.

There’s actually a reason to be thankful for A-HOLES.

Overcome your challenges by focusing the energy derived from dropping F-BOMBS.

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