Black Talk Radio Weekly Newsletter – Jan 27, 2018

Hello, Friends of Black Talk Radio,

Welcome to this weeks edition of our weekly newsletter which will now be issued every Saturday. As many of you already know, we are a small grassroots non-profit organization with a very small budget. Despite the small budget, we have been able to do a lot with little in advancing independent Black thought concerning a host of topics. Considering all the content that is consumed by the tens of thousands of individuals using the platform every month and listening to the digital radio station, would be able to do far more if everyone contributed just a little.

The Vision

I will take time this week to remind people or inform people why Black Talk Media Project was founded. I was listening to an old interview of Dr. John Henrik Clarke, who helped Malcolm X and other Black leaders found The Organization of Afro-American Unity in 1964, Dr. Clarke discussed the importance of African Americans or Black people building institutions within the United States. He said that Black people are not trained to build institutions for themselves and are psychologically conditioned to want to be included in institutions that were not built for them and certainly are not contributing anything of value to their communities. He mentioned that Italians and Jews had built infrastructure for their groups and it was no problem but that there seems to be a problem when Black people want to do the same for themselves.

Over 9 years ago before the Black Talk Media Project was founded and the Black Talk Radio Network initiative being launched, I saw an interview Malcolm X did where he said the American news media could be used to teach all Americans how to do certain things and that it could even be used to teach Black people how to do something for themselves instead of waiting on someone else to do it for us.

Of course today we know the American news media serves the economic and political elite in the country and that the mainstream Black news media only seems to want to influence Black people to support the Democratic Party’s Agenda instead of our own agenda. I later came across a quote of Malcolm that said the media is the most powerful entity on the planet and that it controls the minds of the masses. I think in the age of social media which corporate media often setting the social media narratives, we can clearly see the evidence that he was right in his evaluation of that power. It is way past time that we expand the concept of Black Talk Radio Network and establish our own digital media distribution network with a focus on creating localized media centers and platforms in our communities across the nation so that we can use the power of the media to empower our people to take on an independent mindset towards education and economics just as other groups have established for themselves.

We are hopeful that as we introduced more ways for people to support the work we do so we can not only maintain Black Talk Radio but expand our work based on the vision.

Social Media

This year, we will start sharing the monthly fundraising totals which not only include donations of any amount but subscriptions to our social media platform which we are using as a fundraising tool that rewards the donor by giving them access to our Facebook-like social media platform where they can use aliases and their registration information is never sold to those who purchase personal information for marketing purposes. Our goal is to obtain at least 5,000 independent thinking subscribers of people who recognize the importance of establishing media platforms for Black political, economic and social empowerment.  Our platform of like-minded people can allow them to securely share information and participate in honest and frank discussions on how to solve our problems, network and do business with one another. Allowing subscribers to use aliases protects them from being penalized for expressing an opinion by employers and prospective employers although the user has the option to make his posts only available to certain audiences on the platform, site members and/or friends. The platform does not bombard the users with corporate ads of any kind. is completely ad-free and that alone should have value to the users and justify a contribution of just $24 per year.

Business Sponsorships

In addition to raising funds with the social media platform to ultimately began building media centers with local radio stations and platforms made specifically for that community, we will start offering business sponsorship packages for businesses targeting our demographic. However, we will be careful about what is allowed to be promoted to our audience. We will offer two business sponsorship packages. The first will be a $500 dollar per year sponsorship that consists of visual banner ads that rotate on every post and page of the Black Talk Radio Network and allow the audience to click through to the sponsor’s website. The visual banner ads will also be featured on a page on the platform listing all the sponsors and a brief description of their business or service. The business sponsor’s page will be pushed out to all the social networks that Black Talk Radio has followers on like Facebook and Twitter every day.

The second business sponsor package will be included everything that comes with the first package with the addition of professional quality 1-minute audio ads that will be in constant rotation on our digital radio station Black Talk Radio Network which averages 60,000 unique listeners per month with around 80% living in the United States. Monthly stats for both the audio ads and visuals ads will be provided to business sponsors.

Media Services

Black Talk Media Project since its founding has produced tutorials on new media production in the area of digital radio and podcasting. Our services are very affordable and competitive and anyone can use them to launch their own media platforms or become a part of the Black media collective on this platform. Even if podcasters don’t want to leave the platforms that have built an audience or may have already built their own platforms, they can still support our non-profit’s vision for the Black community by allowing us to help distribute their content for just $10 per month. We will soon offer distribution of their Youtube videos as well. If you are not a podcaster or Youtuber but follow those on other platforms, let them know they can expand their distribution of their content by utilizing distribution services.

Well, that is all I have to communicate this week but please stay tuned to the network by subscribing. We can accomplish this goal of harnessing the power of the media and helping Black people take back their minds from the mainstream media but it will take a commitment to be doers and not talkers and to decide to become part of something larger than ourselves for the collective good.

Scotty T. Reid
Founder & President, Black Talk Media Project
A Non-Profit New Media Organization
Black Talk Media Project 
Black Talk Radio Network


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