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One Reply to “What Are We Teaching Our Children: Spirit Talk with Mind, Body & Spirit”

  1. Hello: I am enjoying this while I am on my job. This is a great show, I am from Galveston and I took a friend of mines from California who now lives in Houston now, to Mardi Gras ball this year . She was very impress with the friendliness of the Galveston people. This Ball was put on by some friends of mines From Galveston , My friend from California stated every time she comes to Galveston how friendly and manner able the young people are. The ways of Galveston people comes from the way our parent raise us the tight closeness of the people we grew up around. Neighbor took care of each other and their kids. I am 57 years old now and I live In Houston , I miss living in Galveston. I use to work and UTMB and on my lunch bring I would go by and park on the seawall and enjoy the water. I can not do that in Houston everything is business and fast. Hope to one day retire and go back Home.

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