BIB Radio: Black Entrepreneurialism w/ Nataki Kambon, Grassroots Black Economic Empowerment Organizer

This week we will interview business growth strategist, activist, speaker Nataki Kambon.

Her company Nu Business Solutions, was initially conceived to help grow Black-owned (Nubian) businesses. Ironically, though most of the company’s clients are not Black. Through her 15 year tenure as a consultant, Nataki has had the opportunity to help a range of clients from commercial contractors, retailers, medical facilities, and even rocket scientists.

In 2014 Nataki was appointed as the spokesperson for the Let’s Buy Black 365 Black Economic Empowerment Movement, “where change makes sense”. Since then she has been an invited guest on dozens of radio programs, national conferences and a served as a liaison for national and international partnerships.

Nataki Kambon

301-244-9072 (Direct Line)

Grassroots Black Economic Empowerment Organizer


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