The Cult Of Indigenous: Afro-Americans Are Not Indigenous To America and Neither Are “Native Americans”

This is a response to a video by Dane Calloway called Untold Truth About African Americans – You Are Not From Africa And Untold History Of The Aborigines Of America – African Americans Are Indigenous To America Not Africa.

Point of References: Ties between native Americans and Australian Aboriginals via Smithsonian Magazine, Time, Huffington post, UCL website. “They Came Before Columbus” By Ivan van Sertima Historical excerpts from Garikai Chengu Global Research Article regarding Olmecs.

originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.

Cult: a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

One Reply to “The Cult Of Indigenous: Afro-Americans Are Not Indigenous To America and Neither Are “Native Americans””

  1. stunning discovery by US and Brazilian geneticists has provided definitive evidence for a controversial theory that the Siberian ancestors of modern Native Americans were not the first people to colonise the Americas.

    A team of US and Brazilian geneticists, led by Dr David Reich, of Harvard Medical School’s Department of Genetics, has shown that members of the Surui, Karitiana and Xavante peoples of Brazil’s Amazonia region, carry distinctive DNA sequences that identify them as the descendants of an earlier wave of colonists known as the Australoids.

    These people, said to have left Africa 50,000 years ago, are related to Australia’s Aborigines, the Onge people of India’s Andaman Islands, and Papua New Guineans.

    Dr Reich and his colleagues have also identified Australoid genetic motifs in the indigenous Mixe people of the eastern Highlands of Mexico’s Oaxaca state. They are not suggesting that the Amazonian and Oaxaca are the direct descendants of Australoids; rather, they suggest that later Amerindians colonists interbred with the descendants of an earlier wave Australoid colonists they have dubbed “Population Y”.
    Melanesian people also share Australoid ancestry. Photo: AAP

    But the US-Brazilian team admits it cannot yet determine when Population Y colonised the Americas; they say more detailed analyses of ancient human remains from across the Americas may resolve when they arrived, and when they interbred with the ancestors of the Amerindian peoples of Mesoamerica and South America.

    Until recently, most genetic evidence from studies of modern Native Americans, and ancient skeletal remains, indicated that North and South American peoples were descendants of a single founding population of ancient Siberians, related to the latter-day Chukchi peoples of eastern Siberia.

    But linguistic evidence, and studies of the morphology of several ancient skulls from both North and South America, offered hints that the colonisation of the Americas was a more complex process, involving at least two, possibly three waves of colonisation.

    One of the most distinctive ancient skulls from the Americas was discovered by a French-Brazilian archaeological team in Vermelho Cave, near Belo Horizonte in south-eastern Brazil in 1973.

    The skull, that of a young woman dubbed “Luzia”, yielded a radiocarbon age of 10,030 years. Its narrow, oval cranium with a projecting face and lower chin, resembled the skulls of modern Australoid peoples like Australia’s Aborigines, Melanesians, and the various South-east Asian peoples.

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